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Moving a piano is more than just pushing and shoving.

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Many people covet having a piano in their homes and properties. It does not matter if someone in the house can play it well or at all. Just having it within our living space is enough to evoke a certain feeling of importance and tranquility. That’s why, when it comes to moving this delicate and expensive instrument, careful consideration should be done. Unlike other instruments which can be easily disassembled and transported, pianos are bulky, heavy, and oddly shaped. One cannot just remove its parts, wrap it in a bubble wrap, and transport away. That’s not how it works. Without proper training and handling, the transport of this treasured instrument can end in a disaster. Yare Moving understands this.

Yare piano movers are well-aware of the intricacies involved in moving a piano, and we have the experience and the expertise to perform this delicate move. As a long-standing moving company, Yare Moving has handled the successful relocation of various high-value items like pianos. Through our efficient system, excellent crew, and state of the art equipment, we are able to transport various types of pianos damage-free to any location seamlessly. Our outstanding service and delicate handling of valuable goods have allowed us to be one of the most trusted piano moving company in St. Petersburg. With us behind your back, you can rest easy knowing that your precious possession will arrive in its destination scratch-free.


Piano Movers in St. Petersburg

How Does Our Yare Moving Crew Move Pianos?

Moving a piano is more than just pushing and shoving. It’s a task that requires certain finesse, skills, and much experience – all of which, our moving crew is not lacking. When we move delicate instruments like pianos, we follow certain rules and steps to ensure that every move is efficient, stress-free, and ultimately, successful.

The first thing that we take into consideration when moving a piano is the crew. Yare Moving does not simply send men who look like they can carry heavy stuff and crush boulders. We only send people who are specially trained in the art of moving pianos. Depending on the circumstances, we can either send two to six of our movers.

After choosing the most suitable men for the job, we also take stock of the equipment and the proper technique we can use in the transport of the instrument. Our movers are not only intimately familiar in the use of various piano moving equipment such as ramps, slings, and moving pads; they are also experts in different piano moving techniques.

Lastly, before we proceed with the move, Yare Moving crew will first give you a thorough damage risk assessment. Though our team is seasoned piano movers, there are instances when certain situations may put a scratch or damage to your piano. During these times, you are given a chance to decide whether to proceed with the move or not. Of course, we’ll do our hardest to ensure that minimal harm will come to your instrument.


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Every piano, big or small, antique or new, are precious belongings that have their sentimental value. That’s the reason why our moving crew has spent countless years refining their skills in the craft of piano moving. When you work with us, we want you to feel at ease knowing that the crew handling your treasured possession are masters who possess the dedication to see your piano safely transported to its new home.

Yare Moving has transported thousands of pianos, from full-size uprights, apartment size pianos, baby grands, to grand pianos during our 20+ years in the business. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone long-distance piano move or a complete moving service, you can count on us to safely transport your belongings wherever it needs to be. Call us today!

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